8 reasons to go alcohol-free

8 Reasons to go alcohol-free


Now Dry January is well under way, we want to make sure that you’ve got all the support you need to succeed! As you know, our Super Kombucha is guaranteed non-alcoholic, so no slip ups there – it’s the perfect alternative to alcohol; you can dress it up in a mocktail, or sip on its own, whatever you prefer – just make sure it’s chilled for the best taste.

So, to keep you motivated, here’s 8 benefits you will see from going alcohol-free:

1. Sleep

You may feel like once you have a drop of alcohol you’re out for the count, but actually, it only puts you in a very light sleep, so you’ll find you’ll have much more energy and get up easier in the mornings without.

2. Weight loss

Alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories, so not drinking will help you maintain a healthy weight and you’ll even start losing weight if you’re not consuming these calories elsewhere.

3. Improve your liver functionality

The liver will become less fatty, reducing the chances of you developing more serious liver conditions – drinking kombucha instead can even benefit your liver even more! Kombucha helps your liver produce glucoronic acid, which we can’t just consume and this acid is the key to detoxing your body.

5. You’ll save money!

No more going for 1 after work and it quickly turning into 10! An average person spends £50,000 over their lifetime just on alcohol – how are you going to spend your savings?

6. Stay hydrated

Alcohol dehydrates your body – think of all those mornings you’ve woken with a dry mouth, headaches and even dizziness. These symptoms are all from dehydration. Drinking a soft drink instead will ensure you stay hydrated.

7. Destress

You may think it helps you destress but alcohol actually does the opposite. It reduces our ability to manage stress naturally and effectively.

8. No more hangovers

No one enjoys the morning after the night before…

We’re not saying give up all alcohol forever, we do love the occasional kombucha cocktail or G&K but drinking less, even just having a couple of alcohol free days a week, definitely brings many advantages!

Looking for some mocktail inspiration? Take a look at our latest recipe here!


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