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What is Kombucha?

What is kombucha? Well, Kombucha is a delicious soft drink fermented from tea. Legend has it, Kombucha been doing incredibly good things for people’s insides since at least 221 BC, when records show it was being used by the Chinese who referred to it as ‘The Tea of Immortality’.

Made by adding a pot of warm, sweetened, organic tea to a ‘live’ symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (or ‘SCOBY’ for short), kombucha takes a few weeks to ferment. After which it’s packed with a cocktail of good bacteria and yeasts supported by natural enzymes and amino acids, all ready to work their magic.

And how did it get to be called kombucha?

The name KOMBUCHA is thought to have originated in Japan back in 415 AD, although today it is known by as many as 80 other names around the world.

Among kombucha’s many amazing attributes are its known concentration of nutrients, all alive and kicking, ready to support the digestive system.

As if that wasn’t enough, kombucha is extraordinarily rich in all those lovely anti-oxidants that can boost your immune system and lift your energy levels. And this is only the start!

Why Raw of the Wild
super kombuchas are different

So what makes a ‘super kombucha’ superior? Firstly, they don’t just contain probiotics, they contain prebiotics too. And what prebiotics do is help the probiotic bacteria stay in your gut a lot longer, allowing all the goodness it does in there to work harder. Secondly, they are not alcoholic at all, and – unusually – they don’t become alcoholic unlike other kombuchas which continue with their fermentation process over time.  Thirdly, there is hardly any sugar, so there will be no negative effects of a sugar-crash after drinking.


Raw of the wild

  • Pre and probiotic
  • Low in sugar
  • No alcohol
  • No floaty bits
  • Pleasant, refreshing taste
  • Light added fizz

Other kombuchas

  • Probiotic
  • Higher in sugar
  • Becomes alcoholic
  • Floaty bits
  • Acquired taste, tart
  • Volatile

Our backstory.

Almost everybody who visits this website no doubt comes here to find out more about our products than about ourselves. But for those who do happen to be curious about who we are and how Raw of the Wild came into being, here’s a little bit of background for you.

Our love of kombucha came during regular trips to the US, and seeing the huge range of kombuchas on both coasts, but so little in the UK. However we were also aware of some of the problems in making these lively drinks: most contain sugar which over time ferments into alcohol, are high in sugar and also contained floaty bits- neither particularly appealing. So we wanted to develop the ultimate kombuchas for the UK market.

We found a brewing partner and fermentation expert and started a year-long series of brews and experiments to create what we believe are the ultimate kombuchas: the complexity of our starter culture with over 60 strains of good bacteria; no residual sugars and no floaty bits (hurrah!) and prebiotic raw fibres extra ensure the good bacteria stay longer in the gut and multiply.

The result? What we think are the world’s most effective range of good-gut health drinks.

super kombucha

Unlike most other kombuchas, our Raw of the Wild super kombuchas have been carefully fermented to ensure they never taste sharp or acidic.

Instead, they come in two delicious, refreshing flavours, both of which are certified to be non-alcoholic.



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